Our training experts provided Water Sector Incident Command System (ICS) 300 and 400 level training for U.S. EPA Region 4 water program staff. This essential training helps Region 4 staff improve response time for large-scale emergencies where multiple agencies and jurisdictions are involved, such as a Gulf Coast hurricane. In a disaster such as this, EPA regional staff may be deployed to assist in damage assessments of drinking water and wastewater utility infrastructure. They may also be tasked with assisting to collect and arrange for the analyses of dozens if not hundreds of water quality samples.

Since Region 4 staff will have to coordinate and work with local, state and other federal agencies in a large response, it is imperative that regional staff learn to use ICS, the common, joint management structure designated under the National incident Management System as the system used to manage all domestic incidents. ICS is the answer to incident management, and our staff has trained hundreds of U.S. EPA and water utility staff across the nation since 2006.


PROBLEM: Need for training and improved processes and communication

SOLUTION: ICS 300 and 400 level training

BENEFITS: Improved response times, quicker assistance for utilities, common management structure





Carl Simons

Emergency Response Manager


The instructors were super knowledgeable and great presenters. Thanks guys!

Attendee, Atlanta, GA