Do you want to engage a larger and more diverse audience? Are you worried about how to convey your ideas to the public? Do you need help with public process design or meeting facilitation? We have you covered. Our public engagement professionals know how to harness the power of social media and project websites while managing public discourse, and building consensus. Our graphic designers and marketing staff work hand-in-hand with our community planners to produce materials that translate technical issues into accessible ideas. We also develop layout and design for reports, journals, educational materials, displays, and signage.

Our most popular outreach services we provide are Public Forums, Community Engagement, Meeting Facilitation, GIS Platforms,  Graphic Services, Website Design, Branding and Manuals.

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“Horsley Witten did an excellent job producing the Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit and I have every confidence in their ability to turn out a terrific product on time and on budget.”

 Kurt Gaertner, Director of Sustainable Development MA EEA