Do you need a master plan? Do you need to facilitate a public workshop? How are you going to effectively engage the public? Often in the planning process, we struggle with opposition and misunderstanding. Our planners have the experience to navigate these treacherous waters. We love to plan. We love to communicate with, listen to and inform the public. We are experts in designing solutions that can address a wide range of complex issues. Let our planners facilitate and guide both parties to success.

Our most popular planning services  are Comprehensive Planning, Conceptual Design, Community Engagement, Regulatory Reform, Climate Resilience & Adaptation, Integrated Water Management, Watershed Assessment/Planning, Nutrient Management, GIS Analysis, Land Use and Eco Systems, Coastal Watershed Protection, Habitat Assessment, and Pacific & Caribbean Island Water Resources.

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“Our experiences with the HW team have been superb, including Folly Road. They are first-rate collaborators. Their technical work was the best we’ve seen in their areas of specialty, and they were nimble and responsive to our questions and directions.”

Victor Brandon Dover, Dover Kohl & Partners, Coral Gables, FL