MISSION STATEMENT: To address environmental and social challenges with sustainable solutions. 

VISION STATEMENT: HW envisions a world where people and nature thrive together.


As a company, we aim to build trust with our clients, partners, and community through our passion, determination, and high-quality work.  Internally, we aim to be a company where individuals can grow, contribute, thrive, and belong.  Specifically, HW values:

  • Nature – A respect for healthy ecosystems is at the foundation of everything our company tries to achieve. We seek out work that protects and/or restores natural systems.  In particular, we understand that “water is life,” and much of our work since the very beginning has focused on all aspects of water resources management.
  • Sustainability – We approach all our work with an eye toward the future and our changing climate, whether for our projects or in our offices and communities.
  • Innovation – Many challenges faced by our neighborhoods, natural systems, governments, and the planet are like nothing we have seen before and require new, sometimes radical approaches to problem solving. We also understand that adopting new ideas, changes in local culture, and achieving results from new designs can take longer than more conventional (less effective) solutions, but are well worth the wait.
  • Collaboration – Working in teams across disciplines and sharing ideas, stories, and insights is at the core of our practice internally as well as with our clients and partners.
  • Communication – Thoughtful, open, honest, and clear communication is fundamental to our daily project management approach and our long-term relationship building with our clients, partners, and staff. This helps us build the mutual respect that is so important to earn trust and maintain success over time.
  • Commitment – Our work requires a commitment to our clients, communities, and mission to not only bring projects to successful completion but to affect positive change.

  • Integrity – Challenging work can sometimes require difficult conversations, and we bring an honest, professional perspective to these discussions. We make sure that clients, partners, and coworkers understand that we only take on assignments that will clearly benefit people or the environment.
  • Education – Our staff members believe that educating clients and communities is one of the most powerful legacies of our work, and we strive to build their capacity to continue toward common goals even after our projects are complete. We also believe in continuing our own education so that we can grow and evolve with changing issues and technologies.
  • Equity – In our work, we understand that elevating the voices and prioritizing the needs of our more vulnerable and historically harmed communities is central to creating sustainable communities. We are also committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all staff.
  • Giving back – Our staff is passionate about the work we do, whether part of a project or perhaps even more importantly, in our own backyards. Whether donating time, services, or financial support, giving back to the community is part of who we are.


People live in healthy, safe, and resilient communities


Ecosystem services are valued


Clients share our commitment to sustainability


Our employees thrive through collaboration and shared inspiration