Our restoration experts and landscape architects worked with the City and redevelopment authority to design and construct Riverfront Park. This project reconnects people to the river, while stabilizing the bank and enhancing wildlife habitat. Riverfront Park is an important element of the City’s downtown urban renewal plan and greenbelt vision. We took this project from concept stage through design, permitting, and construction, which was completed in Summer 2017.



CLIENT: City of Attleboro, MA

PROBLEM: Re-development challenges – formerly an industrial site with an inaccessible degraded riverfront

SOLUTION: Ecological restoration, park and path design

BENEFITS: Restored riverfront, increased passive recreation opportunities, water quality improvements, improved aesthetics




Michelle West

Senior Water Resources Engineer


HW has a proven and impeccable track record with the City of Attleboro that evolved from the firm’s continuity, consistency, technical proficiency, responsiveness, depth of staff, unmatched customer service, and the multi-disciplinary range of the firm.

Gary G. Ayrassian, Director of Planning & Development, ATTLEBORO, MA