Photos:  Jay Fleming

Smith Island, chesapeake bay, md

Our planners facilitated the outreach process with the Consensus Building Institute. The result was a working document, a “vision plan” that would guide efforts towards meeting the residents’ goals. A great deal of effort went into engaging the community so they felt “heard” and included in the process. This plan will continue to evolve as new ideas and projects come along. This is a great start to protecting a unique and beautiful place.

Smith Island received local press and attention during the process. The video below provides a good summary of the project. Photos depict the “waterman” way of life as well as the simple island lifestyle cherished by so many residents.



CLIENT: The Consensus Building Institute

PROBLEM: Coastal erosion, regional economics, preserving heritage and local values

SOLUTION: Vision plan and community outreach

BENEFITS: Sustaining and growing the waterman culture, building a more diverse local economy, developing and maintaining resilient infrastructure, maintaining transportation, growing the year-round population




Nathan Kelly, AICP