Sachems Path, nantucket

Our landscape architects, engineers, and wetland scientists worked with many partners to help build a much-needed affordable housing development in Nantucket, MA where year-round affordable housing is in high demand. The site has been developed with an eye toward balancing shared green space with private space for each homeowner in a well-designed neighborhood setting near the main road and a multi-modal bike path. The site design also emphasizes compacted development, a reduction in paved surfaces, the use of low maintenance, native plantings and integrates the proposed development’s needs into the site’s delicate surrounding environment.



CLIENT: The Housing Assistance Corporation & Oxbow Partners, LLC
Surfside Road and South Shore Drive, Nantucket, MA

PROBLEM: 9.12 acres, undeveloped parcel near existing neighborhoods, mapped as a priority habitat for various rare plant and moth species, compacted development

SOLUTION:  Planning,  engineering, permit and construction administration services, green infrastructure, stormwater management  services

BENEFITS: Growing the year-round population, reduction in paved surfaces, low maintenance native plantings, protection of the delicate surrounding environment, green infrastructure practices



Brian Kuchar, P.E., RLA

Principal Landscape Architect

“A great partner on a great project! This project couldn’t have been done without the support of the community and everyone, from the design, construction, and engineering team, coming together to put their time, talents, and efforts into a project that means so much to the 40 new homeowners.”

Housing Assistance Corporation