Accessible Parking Lot Improvements

The new parking garden features a drop-off ellipse for buses and cars, devoted walkways to improve the pedestrian’s experience and safety, and transforms the concept of a parking lot into a parking garden by including low-impact landscape and stormwater design features. The parking garden includes five bioretention basins designed to collect, control and treat runoff. The extensive planting plan includes 8,200 new perennials, 350 new flowering shrubs, and 100 new specimen trees. From the beginning and into the future, the parking garden at Heritage evokes a strong emphasis on the landscape.




CLIENT: Heritage Museums & Gardens, Sandwich, MA

PROBLEM: Outdated parking entrance, flooding, accessibility, aesthetics

SOLUTION:  Improved entrance, stormwater best practices, ease of use, extensive planting plan

BENEFITS: Safe street crossing and drop-off access, accessible walkways from the parking lot, additional parking, environmentally sensitive design, Improved aesthetics – 12,000 new plants, including trees, shrubs, and perennials




Brian kuchar, RLA, P.E.

civil engineer & Landscape architect

“We want people to have the same kind of experience when they drive into our front gate — that they are in a different place, in a different time, and that they’re surrounded by nature — We also want people to begin their visit the moment they step out of their cars, thinking about the natural world and their connection to it, and seeing things differently.” Cape Cod Home, 2018

Ellen Spear, Former president/ CEO, Heritage Museums and Gardens, Sandwich, MA