The Town of Haddam is a rural community in the Connecticut River Valley and is the only municipality in the region that has populated areas on both sides of the River. HW led the Town through the process of updating its POCD. Rather than organizing around traditional POCD topics such as “transportation” or “economic development,” the new plan focuses on the different geographical areas of Haddam to emphasize the unique opportunities and challenges of each village and the surrounding rural areas. Our services included: a public engagement process design and facilitation of public forums, interviews with local officials and key stakeholders, regular work sessions with the POCD Advisory Committee, a project website, Draft plan, and support for the adoption at the local level.



CLIENT:  Town of Haddam, CT

PROBLEM:  Needed an updated POCD

SOLUTION:  Improved plan that focuses on villages and rural areas on both sides of the Connecticut River

BENEFITS:  Outreach and engagement support
This plan won the 2018 CCAPA plan of the year!


Nate Kelly, AICP

Associate Principal, Principal Planner