Gray’s Beach, Kingston, MA

Our engineers, landscape designers, and coastal ecologists worked with the Town and Coastal Zone Management to design,  plan, and create a living shoreline to help protect the popular public beach from erosion, and provide safe recreation for all residents and visitors. Living shoreline projects apply dynamic and inherent ecological values in design and construction to enhance habitat, maintain shoreline processes, and healthy ecosystems along the shoreline and improve coastal resilience.



CLIENT:  The Town of Kingston, MA

PROBLEM:  Coastal erosion, sea-level rise, beach access

SOLUTION:  Wetlands delineation, permitting and construction services, site design

BENEFITS:  Dune restoration and protection, improved aesthetics, accessibility, and safety features




Amy Ball, PWS, CWS


“Horsley Witten Group provided a positive, knowledgeable, and professional team that can transform an idea from concept to reality.   They consistently listen intently, provide encouraging ideas, creatively solve problems and always foster a team effort among the various parties.

Susan Woodworth, Mary Guiney

Director of Recreation & Conservation Agent, Town of Kingston, MA