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What does being green mean at the horsley witten group?

Here at HW, we are making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and support our goal of finding sustainable environmental solutions. Many staff in our other locations like Providence, bike to work, or take public transportation. Boston staff utilize public transportation and folks in Exeter also bike to work if they live near the office. We are all trying to make an effort!

We were one of the first Cape businesses to complete a Level I Verification for the  Cape and Islands Green. Cape & Islands Green is an environmental initiative organized by a collective of environmentally-conscious business owners, with support from local chambers of commerce. The mission of this initiative is to educate and encourage local businesses to engage in more environmentally sensitive practices to lessen our collective impact on the natural environment while creating a healthier workplace and reducing costs.

How we keep Green at HW headquarters:

  • We use one large Energy Star fridge instead of mini-fridges for lunches and snacks
  • We drive a Toyota Prius, Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, and a fuel-efficient Ford Transit Van
  • Staff carpool frequently to site visits and conferences
  • We use energy-efficient light bulbs in our buildings
  • Our electricity comes from solar power generated at a community solar garden*
  • Staff use eco-friendly refillable water bottles, not bottled water
  • We use compostable cups and plates at company gatherings
  • We recycle paper and old electronics regularly
  • We share Eco Tips on holiday greetings, ex: “use LED lights, recycle wrapping paper…”
  • We purchase Green, organic cotton, US-made t-shirts for our staff

*Our Sandwich office is now officially being powered with clean, renewable solar power from a community garden developed by the Self Reliance Heat & Power Coop.

Horsley Witten employees wearing our organic, made in the US,  TS Designs t-shirts.

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