CWMP - Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan

CWPC - Comprehensive Water Planning Committee

IWRMP - Integrated Water Resource Management Plan

PALS - Ponds and Lake Stewards

SMAST - School of Marine Science and Technology, UMass Dartmouth

SSA - Sole Source Aquifer

TMDL - Total Maximum Daily Load



Build-out analysis - Planning estimate of the amount and location of potential development for an area.

Sole source aquifer - Principal supply of drinking water from groundwater where there is no alternative source.

Total Maximum Daily Load - Regulatory term in the U.S. Clean Water Act (1972), specifying the maximum amount of a pollutant that a body of water can receive while still meeting water quality standards. Alternatively, a TMDL is an allocation of water pollutant deemed acceptable to the receiving waters.

Watershed - The area of land where all surface and ground water originating from precipitation converge on a single point, then exits into a river, lake, wetland, estuary, or the ocean. Also known as a drainage basin. Surface-water watersheds and groundwater watersheds can be similar but are not usually conincident.