Prior Related Projects

Phase I

The Town hired consultant CDM-Smith to perform the Phase I water resources analysis and data needs assessment. The Phase I work documented existing water quality conditions, identified data gaps, and made short- and long-term recommendations to mitigate impacts and move forward with the planning process. The final report for Phase I was released in February, 2011 (CDM, 2011). Reports and maps for Phase I can be found in the Reports tab.

Phase II

The Horsley Witten Group, Inc. (HW) was hired by the Town to perform Phase II work beginning in December 2011. Phase II included an analysis of the extent of nitrogen reduction needed to protect and restore Pleasant Bay, with a focus on septic system management as the largest source of nitrogen to the Bay, and an evaluation of current and future water quality conditions for the Town’s public supply wells. HW also analyzed water availability for potable uses based on expected future growth in the Town and conducted a preliminary retrofit analysis to identify stormwater improvements that will provide water quality treatment and reduce impacts on receiving waters. During Phase II, HW provided a detailed review of existing federal, state and local stormwater management regulations in Brewster, and developed a series of recommendations to amend the local regulations and improve stormwater practices. Lastly, HW evaluated impacts to fresh water ponds, and developed recommendations for the Town and pond shore residents to minimize phosphorus inputs to the ponds that have a direct impact on water quality.

Town Intermediate "Bridge" Projects

Before initiating this project, the Town began a number of intermediate "bridge" projects to supply the available data for this analysis. These intermediate "bridge" projects between Phase I and II include: