Green Cay Gut Headcut Stabilization Project

Report (8.3MB)


Hope and Carton Hill Road Management Plan

Report (8.3MB does not include Attachments)

Attachment A: Existing Conditions Map (30”x36” plot size, 8.8MB)

Attachment B: Proposed Conditions Map (30”x36” plot size, 9.4MB)

Attachment C: Rain Garden Information (4.4MB)


St. Croix East End Watershed Plan

Final Plan (September 2011) (4 MB)

Appendix A: Watershed Modeling and Project Ranking (800 KB)

Appendix B: 11x17 Watershed Priority Maps (5 MB)

Appendix C: High Priority Restoration Concepts (8 MB)

Final Existing Conditions Report (July 2011) which includes a summary of existing reports and studies, as well as findings from the field investigations and from  stakeholder input and review comments.

Final St. Croix East End Existing Conditions Report
(full report, PDF, 22 MB)

  1. Introduction (1 MB)
  2. Characteristics of St. Croix’s East End (4 MB)
  3. Southgate Watershed  (2.8 MB)
  4. Solitude Bay Watershed (6.4 MB)
  5. Teague Bay Watershed (1.4 MB)
  6. Turner Hole Watershed (1.7 MB)
  7. Madam Carty Watershed (1 MB)
  8. Great Pond Watershed (2.3 MB)
  9. General Findings (0.2 MB)

Appendix Cover
Appendix A: Watershed Maps (full set of 11x17 PDF, 20MB)

Appendix B: Field Sheets

Solitude Bay
Teague Bay
Turner Hole
Madam Carty
Great Pond

Additional Information

The following are links to some existing reports and monitoring data used to inform this study.

2010 USVI Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report (DPNR)

Watercourses as Landscapes in the US Virgin Islands: State of the Knowledge Report (Gardner et. al., 2008)

1993 Area of Particular Concern Report: Southgate (IRF/DPNR)

1993 Area of Particular Concern Report: Great Pond (IRF/DPNR)

1993 Area of Particular Concern Report: East End (IRF/DPNR)

2005 USVI Local Action Strategy

July 2002 East End Marine Park Management Plan

2005 World Resources Institute Analysis of Land-based sources of threat to coral reef ecosystems

Guideline for Maintenance and Service of Unpaved Roads