constructed Stormwater Wetland in milford

This constructed stormwater wetland at Lower Huckleberry Brook in Milford will reduce stormwater pollutant loading from 72 acres of the contributing drainage area.  In addition to treating stormwater runoff and creating wildlife habitat, the design also includes a pedestrian pathway for recreational purposes and interpretive signage to provide educational information about stormwater management benefits. This Town-owned, half-acre site has two major stormwater outfalls that drain to Lower Huckleberry Brook, which feeds into Milford Pond, an impaired water body.  We worked with the Town Engineer to apply for a 319 nonpoint source pollution grant in 2016 to obtain funds for design and construction of a stormwater wetland.  The seeds of this project were planted back in 2014, when we partnered with five communities (Bellingham, Franklin, Medway, Milford, Norfolk) to identify ways to improve stream flow levels as part of the Sustainable Water Management Initiative (SWMI).  We identified 83 candidate sites for implementing stormwater practices, including the priority site in Milford, located near Louisa Lake on the Upper Charles Trail.  The Town plans to team with local schools during the upcoming school year to conduct educational activities related to stormwater and the functionality of the wetland.