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The Master Plan is a policy document that helps town staff and elected officials make decisions on land use development and redevelopment, public services and facilities, and economic development.  It establishes a common vision for the town’s future and generally covers the following topics:

Ultimately, the Master Plan sets out a framework, that once implemented, will maintain Shrewsbury as a great place to live, work, play and learn.  This is achieved through a series of goals and policies that are implemented by “short-term” (usually 1-2 years); “mid-term” (2-5 years); and “long term” (5+ years) actions.  These actions are usually performed by the Town and potentially other partners in the community.

The Master Plan is updated through a public process.  This means that the residents, property owners, and businesses of Shrewsbury will have many opportunities to weigh in on the issues they see as critical to the Town, the opportunities that should be pursued, and the challenges that can be overcome. 

The Master Plan Update is spearheaded by the Department of Engineering, Planning and Conservation. A Master Plan Steering Committee has been formed of local citizens, members of local boards and commissions, and town department staff.  The Steering Committee is responsible for reviewing project materials and managing the progress of the update process.