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Welcome! The Town of Shrewsbury is updating its 2001 Master Plan.  This is where you will find information about the update process, including upcoming events and how you and your neighbors can be involved and help shape the future of Shrewsbury.

What is the Master Plan? The Master Plan is a road map that shows how the Town can build on its assets and overcome barriers to make it a great place to live and work today, and for future generations.  The Master Plan articulates a common vision for the Town’s future and identifies the issues that are unique to Shrewsbury.  The Master Plan is used by town staff and elected officials to make decisions about growth, economic development, cultural and historic resource protection, transportation improvements, and public services.  Developers also use it to understand how the town envisions its future and how their project might contribute to that vision.  Other documents that support the Master Plan are the Town’s 2012 Open Space and Recreation Plan and 2012 Housing Production Plan.