U.S. EPA is sponsoring a free, one-day workshop and response exercise to inform water utilities about the cyber threat, ways to manage the threat, and tools (such as AWWA’s cybersecurity tool) available to help utilities.  In addition, current results from several Virginia waterworks cyber assessments will be presented to share lessons learned.  Tips to improve cybersecurity will also be given.

In the afternoon, two facilitated response exercises will be conducted presenting realistic cyber threat scenarios, allowing all participants to talk through the actions they would take in response to the threats.  The goal is to identify general planning or procedural actions that enhance cybersecurity and mitigate risk.

Workshops will be conducted in:

Salt Lake City, UT – March 9, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA – March 28, 2017
Monroe, NJ – April 4, 2017
Minneapolis, MN – May 16, 2017
Nashville, TN – May 23, 2017
Phoenix, AZ – June 8, 2017
Kansas City, KS – June 20, 2017
Atlanta, GA – June 22, 2017