Existing Studies

The following are links to some of the existing reports and monitoring data used to inform this study.  Let us know what we are missing.

Management Plans

STEER Core Planning Team.  2011.  St. Thomas East End Reserves Management Plan

Gardner. 2008. A Strategy for Management of Ghuts In The U.S. Virgin Islands

Platenberg. 2006. Wetlands Conservation Plan for St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

DPNR.  1993. Mangrove Lagoon and Benner Bay Area of Particular Concern Management Plan

IRF/UVI. 1993. Vessup Bay/East End Area of Particular Concern: A Comprehensive Analytic Study. Prepared for VI Department of Planning and Natural Resources

2010. Conservation Data Center. 2010. Wetlands of the US Virgin Islands. University of the Virgin Islands

DFW. 2005. USVI Marine Resources and Fisheries Strategic and Comprehensive Conservation Plan

Water Quality

Horsley Witten.  2003. Dissolved Oxygen Total Maximum Daily Load for Benner Bay and Mangrove Lagoon

Tetra Tech.  2005.  Fecal Coliform Total Maximum Daily Load, Mangrove Lagoon and Benner Bay, St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

DPNR. 2010.  USVI Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

Enforcement Actions

Final Bovoni Consent Decree

Amended Complaint

US EPA. 2009.  Five-Year Review Report Tutu Wellfield Site St, Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

US EPA. 1998.  Consent Decree. Bovoni Wetlands Fill Removal. Docket no. EPA-CWA-II-98-125

Other Studies

Gardner, Henry, and Thomas. 2008. Watercourses as Landscapes in the U.S. Virgin Islands: State of Knowledge

Nemeth and Platenberg.  2007. Diversity of Freshwater Fish and Crustaceans of St. Thomas Watersheds and Its Relationship to Water Quality as Affected By Residential and Commercial Development

Rennis, Finney, and Devine. 2006. Evaluating the Sediment Retention Function of Salt Pond Systems in the U.S. Virgin Islands

World Resources Institute. 2005. Analysis of Land-based sources of threat to coral reef ecosystems

Cadmus, 2011. Watershed Characterization and Planning for Pathogen Source Reduction in the US Virgin Islands. Prepared for EPA Region 2

USDA. 2000. Soil Survey of the US Virgin Islands

USGS. 1996. Atlas of groundwater resources in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Water Resources Investigations Report 94-9418