Project Events

Forum Sessions

  • Tuesday, April 25 8 am – 12 pm: “State of the Lagoon: Where we are, and where we are going”
  • Wednesday, April 26 1 pm – 4:15 pm: “Sustainable Management: Issues and Opportunities”

Public Meeting

  • Tuesday, April 25 5 pm – 7 pm: “Public Input - Saipan Lagoon Use Management Plan”

For more complete information, see the two-day agenda for the Saipan Lagoon Use Management Plan Forum.

Presentations from the Forum can be accessed using the links below.

Saipan Lagoon Use Management Plan Forum Summary April 25-26, 2017


Saipan Lagoon Use Forum Intro Day 1

Saipan Lagoon Habitat Mapping

Status of the Marine Habitats in the Saipan Lagoon

Rapid Land Cover Change on Saipan

Saipan Chamber of Commerce: The Saipan Lagoon & Commercial Use

Micronesia Islands Nature Alliance

Lagoon User Survey & Mapping Report

Saipan Lagoon Use Forum Intro Day 2



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