michael easler, rla

Senior landscape architect

Horsley Witten Group is excited to announce that Michael Easler has joined our design team in Sandwich, MA as a Senior Landscape Architect. Michael has a wealth of industry experience with design, planning, and project management in the Northeast primarily focused on public park, playgrounds, and universally accessible trail design. Michael looks forward to collaborating with our engineers and designers on ecological restoration, planning, and park design projects.  

Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design with a minor in Sustainability Studies from the University of Minnesota, and his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Whether researching aqueous sedimentation processes in Utah, planting native prairie and wetland habitats for the Nature Conservancy, researching Olmsted-designed landscape for the NPS, or teaching an introductory digital visualization course at Northeastern University, Michael is always learning and applying his knowledge with an emphasis on environmental priorities to his work.  

Raised in the Midwest, Michael spent his early years camping with family and the boy scouts, hiking, building electric cars, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors. When Michael is not working, he enjoys spending time outside appreciating nature with his wife and young son, exploring the coast, the mountains, and urban landscapes of New England, sometimes all within the same day. A sunrise in Chatham and a sunset on Mount Greylock makes for a fantastic day! Welcome to HW!