NBS wins RIASLA award

Norman Bird Sanctuary Comprehensive Management Plan

We are pleased to announce that the Rhode Island chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (RIASLA) has awarded the Norman Bird Sanctuary Comprehensive Management Plan with honors in the Planning and Analysis category.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this plan including the Norman Bird Sanctuary! The Comprehensive Management Plan serves as a roadmap to responsibly maintain, preserve, protect, and share this enormous treasure in perpetuity.

We worked with  McLaughlin and Buie, and NBS landscape consultant, Tanya Kelly on plan development.  We are happy to report that since it’s adoption, NBS has been successfully implementing the plan.  Brian Kuchar, P.E., RLA accepted the award on behalf of the entire team at the recent RIASLA holiday party. 


The Comprehensive and Invasive Species Management Plans have been tremendous! We have used it exclusively to manage our property and the iPad mapping is amazing. What a successful project for us – it has made a world of difference.” – Natasha Harrison, former Executive Director of NBS


Brian Kuchar, P.E., RLA with Lindsey Langenburg, RIASLA President. Photo: Rebecca Nolan


Project Wins TWO Awards!

Cottage Courts Gain Success in East Greenwich, RI

Jon Ford, P.E. Senior Project Manager

Jon has 20 years of experience as a civil engineer and neighborhood planning innovator, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in eight states. Jon is a recognized leader in the area of New Urbanist civil engineering and urban design.


“Cottage court projects typically feature energy-efficient homes with front porches clustered around high-quality shared plazas and green spaces, with parking areas strategically hidden.”

The National Association of Home Builders has announced the 2019 Best in American Living Awards winners. HW is proud to share that Castle Street Cottages, currently under construction by East Greenwich Cove Builders, won a ‘Best in American Living’ Award for both Single-Family Community Under 100 Units and Suburban Infill Community of the Year. We are  part of the team which includes East Greenwich Cove Builders, Union Studio, Traverse Design, and many other contributors who worked together to create the award-winning design. HW provided civil engineering services including site layout, grading, infrastructure design, stormwater management, permitting, and construction administration.

Around the country, the residential housing construction market has been slowly adjusting to meet the unmet demand for smaller residential units located within walkable neighborhoods.  East Greenwich, Rhode Island has emerged as a leader in New England encouraging unique infill (development of vacant parcels in a downtown context) for residential developments within the Main Street area. Castle Street Cottages is one of several innovative “pocket neighborhood” cottage court projects approved in East Greenwich in the last 10 years. Other notable projects in town include our collaboration with Union Studio on the CNU Charter Award Honorable Mention Cottages on Greene, which added 15 2-bedroom cottages on 0.85 acre in 2010.

Cottage court projects typically feature energy-efficient homes with front porches clustered around high-quality shared plazas and green spaces, with parking areas strategically hidden.  Reduced car dependence is a core benefit of downtown density, with some car trips replaced by a short and enjoyable walk to, in this case, East Greenwich’s historic Main Street and all it has to offer. The cottage court design scale typically blends new density more appropriately with the surrounding neighborhood fabric. Achieving a seamless blend of infrastructure into the site design is critical to a cottage court’s success but is no easy task, with small infill cottage court sites typically presenting challenges due to constrained and often sloping sites.

HW met these site challenges by designing stormwater systems not only to filter and infiltrate runoff to meet Town and state regulations, but also to employ green infrastructure as a visible and lovable part of the project’s identity and aesthetics. Our engineers integrated bioretention systems and infiltration practices throughout the site, serving as attractive buffers and transitions between parking areas, common areas, and semi-private front porches.

As demonstrated by the national attention, projects such as Cottages on Greene and Castle Street Cottages validate local implementation of cutting-edge planning and design practices. HW is excited to be part of it! Contact us today for more information regarding cottage courts, walkable neighborhood design, and green infrastructure!

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What’s Up RhodeIsland: Castle Street Cottages in East Greenwich wins ‘Best in American Living’ Award

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